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My biggest motivation for the production of 'Discover to Uncover' has been to share the joy of traveling and surfing, an appreciation for nature, and love & gratitude for life. I want to inspire others to find their own path in life and walk it with courage, faith and ease. 

In 2021, I'm planning seminars to empower you to take your own direction in life.

Insights and experiences from traveling across the globe over the past five years will be combined with my gained knowledge and skills of my master studies in Human Resources Management. The seminars consist of my movie and explain my inner process to follow this road, face different kinds of challenges and gain knowledge in film making, which will inspire you to go beyond any borders.

~Sharing is caring~ I believe that learning from other people's lives, insights and errors is incredibly powerful. Therefore, I'm happy to share my personal experiences, thoughts and feelings over these past few years with you. In particular my year of production, which has been my way into the unknown. Certain mindsets, strategies, insights and inspirational facts have helped me to have faith, keep track and enabled me to walk my own path away from certainty, expectations and limited thinking. 

Walking into the unknown and maybe even taking the most frightening path is also possible for you. Learn to regard this fear of the unknown as a signpost pointing to the right way. Often, there is something beautiful behind it that you are afraid to loose, give up or not attain -and what if there is a way to overcome this fear of uncertainty in order to embark on your personal journey of life? 


 ~You are the navigator of your own direction in life~  



Please contact me if you're interested in an empowerment session enabling you to believe in yourself and walk your own path in life; based on true experiences, dynamic strategies and exclusive film material.

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