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Coming from a little town in the North of Germany, I've always been interested in seeing different places. During and in between my studies in business, I got different opportunities to study and work abroad. After I started surfing in Australia, it always drew me back to the ocean. My passion for surfing became so strong that I knew at one point I didn't want to give it up anymore, and I wanted to make it a part of my life instead. For this reason, I lived in different countries with world-class waves after the completion of my master’s degree. In that time, the biggest question that bothered me was how to combine my passion and new experiences with my former life in Germany. I felt like I wanted to share my passion for surfing with my loved ones at home, who saw me leaving or returning with my surfboard. They could only imagine this other life that filled me with so much happiness and freedom, and therefore weren't able to fully understand my feelings of being torn. 

To me, making my own short film is the best way of displaying this foreign, salty life on my surfboard and bringing it into my life back home without waves.


'Discover to Uncover' comes from my heart, as it tells my personal story sharing deep feelings and insights from the past five years of traveling the world. This way, I want to motivate others to listen to themselves, follow a passion and walk their own path in life. In contrast to ordinary surf films, personal thoughts and emotions as well as the spiritual aspect of surfing are conveyed in this movie. 'Discover to Uncover' shows not only the beauty, but also the emerging dilemma of a strong passion for surfing for a girl from a country without waves, which is shared by many surfers around the world. 

It took a shift in mindset to create this short film. Just like I do when travelling, I walked into the unknown by producing my own film. Only this time, it wasn't a physical place, but rather an unknown environment without a certain destination. Even so, I’ve always felt like it's the right path for me. Making this movie set so much free. Not only did I learn a lot about the whole film production process and everything that comes with it, but I got to know myself much better. And I'm still excited to see where this path will lead me in the future.

Foto@Thomas Zielinski

I'm proud to have the most beautiful saltwater music by the amazing artist Jules Ahoi in my movie. These songs are part of my film:

  • Robinson Crusoe

  • In between Lines 

  • Salt and Sun 

  • As long as it takes 

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